Green Web Hosting in Canada

Green Web Hosting

Proudly Powered by Renewable Energy

Reduce your website's carbon footprint by choosing a hosting provider that powers its servers with sustainable hydroelectric energy.

Understanding the Problem:
How Websites Pollute

Websites are powered by powerful computers (called servers) that are always on in large specialized buildings (called data centers). Servers require considerable amounts of electricity to operate and need constant cooling to prevent overheating. In most places, this electricity is produced by burning coal or other fossil fuels, which creates emissions that accelerate climate change.

In 2012, there were 500,000 data centers worldwide. In 2019 there are more than 8 million. This rapid growth has led experts to predict that data centers will make up 10% of global electricity usage by 2030, and generate more emissions than the entire airline industry.

Discover the Solution: Green Web Hosting

Powered by renewable energy

Our data centers are powered by hydroelectricity: a clean, sustainable source of energy.

Energy-efficient SSD storage

Your data gets stored on Solid State Drives, which use a fraction of the power needed by traditional mechanical storage.

Eco-friendly cooling

Our servers are temperature-controlled by outside air and water cooling technology, not energy-intensive air conditioning.


We help save trees by performing all our communications and billing electronically. No paper!

Green Certified

Our green efforts are verified and certified by the Green Business Bureau.

Green Badges

Let visitors know that your company cares about the environment with your own eco-friendly badge.
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Display Your Green Badge

Did you know that 86% of Canadians purchase green products or services? Add a Green badge to your website and proudly show your visitors that your website is eco-friendly.

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Green Hosting Badge

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Ella Tsang

I have nothing but AMAZING experiences with the WHC live chat support. I started my website making journey with WHC and it has always been so smooth to get assistance… I will continue to recommend you guys to my friends and clients.

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Richard E. Ward

I recently moved my web hosting to Web Hosting Canada and I would happily give them 10 Stars. Apart from providing me with a solid technical environment, they have provided me with absolutely First Class, friendly, informative and fast support.

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Jessy Maria

Incredible customer service! Every time I get stuck, I know I can ask for help and receive a fast and very helpful response. I would highly recommend Web Hosting Canada to anyone, including beginners to the web hosting world.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Green Hosting

Green web hosting is a website hosting service that reduces its greenhouse gas emissions through its underlying infrastructure and method of operation. Web hosting accounts with most traditional providers are often housed on servers or in data centers which are powered by carbon-emitting power sources, notably gas or coal. As a result, harmful emissions are released into the atmosphere and contribute to accelerated climate change.

A green hosting provider reduces its carbon emissions through smart, sensible choices when it comes to its power sources and power consumption. Web Hosting Canada’s green hosting platform is powered entirely by renewable energy, sourced from hydroelectricity generated in Quebec and British Columbia. Furthermore, WHC reduces its power consumption through the use of energy-saving Solid State Drives (SSDs) and water-cooling technologies, as opposed to power-hungry air conditioning systems. WHC's efforts are verified and accredited by the Green Business Bureau.

Clean, renewable energy, in combination with energy efficient servers and an energy-conscious company culture, allows you to operate your website with little to no negative impact on the planet.

Because you care about our planet’s future and want to minimize the environmental impact of your website and email services.

Also, going green is smart business. Reducing power consumption also means reducing costs, and we pass along the savings to you.

Finally, with the use of our Green Badges, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and show your own website visitors that you support green initiatives through your choice of website and email hosting provider.

Some other hosting providers will generate carbon emissions but rely on carbon offsetting, which involves paying a predetermined fee for each unit of pollution generated. If a hosting company used coal to power their data centers they can offset the emissions they produce by paying another company to reduce emissions somewhere else. This solution is better than nothing but carbon emissions are still being produced even though they are being offset.

Web Hosting Canada provides a greener alternative by virtually eliminating carbon emissions in the first place. It powers all its operations with hydroelectricity, a renewable power source that generates up to 70 times less carbon emissions than coal-fired generating stations during regular operations.

Web Hosting Canada’s Green Hosting Badge is a visual site seal that you can display on your own website to show your visitors that it’s powered by renewable energy. It’s free to use and available in multiple formats and styles for any website that’s actively using WHC’s Green Web Hosting platform.

When visitors click on the badge, they’ll see additional information that helps them understand how your website is making a difference. The badge looks great in a website’s navigation bar, footer, sidebar, or header. Grab yours from your Client Area's Green Badges section.

Differentiate yourself from the competition
The average visitor spends about 10 to 20 seconds on a web page, leaving little time to make a lasting impression. Our green badges quickly and visually presents your business as ecologically responsible, often setting you apart from your competitors by adding heart and soul to your business proposition.

Being Green is Smart Business
Canadians (and Earth inhabitants in general!) care about the environment and can adapt their spending habits based on a vendor’s environmental impact. As such, showing your green side can help increase trust, sales, as well as secure return business.

Help Increase Awareness for Greener Business Practices
Unfortunately, website visitors may not be aware of the real environmental impact a virtual web presence can have on our planet. By adding the badge to your site you help get the word out. The badge also briefly describes how your website is green, and how your visitors can make a difference too.

If you have a website hosted on WHC’s green hosting platform, then you’ll be able to find the badges within your Green Badges section of your WHC Client Area.

Simply choose the badge you’d like to use and copy its HTML code into your site, at the location where you’d like your badge shown. The badge looks great in a website’s navigation bar, footer, sidebar, or header.

Need some help adding your badge to your website? Reach out to our friendly customer service team and we’ll gladly help you out!

To become green certified, you must sign up for a green certification program, and implement eco-friendly solutions in your everyday operations. As an official partner of Green Business Bureau (GBB), we have the ability to offer you 20% OFF certification with the coupon code WHC20.

To get started, you simply need to sign up for the membership plan that is best suited to the size of your organization, and GBB will help you along the process of becoming officially green certified.

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