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Host your own clients on Canada’s fastest servers. Backed by Web Hosting Canada’s 24/7 Expert Support.
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Reseller STARTER
Great starting point for new resellers
  • 50GB Disk Space
  • Up to 50 Resold Accounts
  • Unlimited1 Bandwidth
Reseller PRO
More Disk space + Billing Software. Perfect for Agencies.
  • 100GB Disk Space
  • Unlimited2 Resold Accounts
  • Unlimited1 Bandwidth
  • 1 Dedicated IP3
  • Billing & Domain Reseller Platform
Even more resources + 2 Dedicated IP for the most demanding Resellers.
  • 200GB Disk Space
  • Unlimited2 Resold Accounts
  • Unlimited1 Bandwidth
  • 2 Dedicated IPs3
  • Billing & Domain Reseller Platform
A Fully White-Labelled Reseller Web Hosting Solution
Your clients will appreciate the features and performance. You will appreciate the reliability, automation, and support.
  • Industry-leading cPanel control panel for each of your clients
  • 1-click Apps installer for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and 300+ apps
  • WHM Reseller panel to easily create your own hosting plans
  • White-labelled DNS servers for you and your clients
  • Servers in Canada and engineered for optimal performance
  • 24/7 live assistance to help you when needed
  • Automated backups available by default on all accounts
  • ClientExec billing platform to manage your clients4
  • Domain name reseller account to increase profit margins4
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime for unbeatable reliability
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Experienced resellers may enjoy even more performance and control with:
Cloud Servers
Dedicated Resources, unbeatable uptime.
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Dedicated Servers
Dedicated hardware for blazing performance.
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Reseller Web Hosting Questions & Answers
  • expand What is Reseller Web Hosting and how does it work?

    Reseller Web Hosting allows you to offer professional web hosting to your own clients as if the service were your own. Ideal for web designers, marketers, programmers, and entrepreneurs alike, the Canadian Reseller Hosting program can help you generate a recurring revenue stream by providing an essential, value-added service.

    With Reseller Hosting you can create your own hosting packages, price them as you like, and reap the profits! You will be able to offer website and email hosting, on a reliable Canadian hosting platform using cPanel, the industry-leading control panel. You will also get access to cPanel’s reseller interface, called WHM, where you can create different hosting packages and set different limits such as number of email accounts, disk space, and bandwidth each account can use.

    And as always, our team of hosting experts are available to assist you 24/7 with any issues that may arise.

  • expand Do my clients know they are hosted with Web Hosting Canada’s Reseller program?

    No! Our entire system is white-labelled and uses anonymous nameservers. Your clients will not know that you’re using our reseller hosting platform unless you tell them. This allows you to control the entire customer experience and tweak it to your specific business model.
  • expand Who provides support to my clients?

    As a reseller, you’re responsible for providing support to your clients. This means helping your clients to set up their resold hosting account, setting up their email, and helping them to make the most out of their website. If you get a question you’re unable to answer directly, our 24/7 reseller support team is available to help you to make sure you’re giving your clients the right answers, every time.

    If you prefer not to provide technical support to your clients, you may want to consider the Web Hosting Canada Affiliate program instead.
  • expand How do I bill my clients?

    Your Reseller account allows you to define different packages, which you can then sell at different price points. One basic package can, say, offer 1GB of disk space, while another, more premium package, can include 10GB of disk space for double the price. You determine your sale price at all times, and only need to ensure that the total disk space capacity does not exceed your Reseller account’s total capacity. If ever you start approaching your total capacity, you can upgrade to a superior package with us.

    You can either invoice your clients manually or, once you’ve got enough clients, use an automated billing solution such as ClientExec, bundled with the Pro & Enterprise Reseller packages. ClientExec can manage your entire hosting business, including online support, billing, and automation. With it, you can send your clients invoices for a certain product and then have them pay their bills online through Paypal or any other supported payment gateway.

  • expand What makes Web Hosting Canada’s Reseller Hosting better than the competition’s?

    Over 10-years of know-how have been invested to building the best reseller hosting platform available to Canadians. Here are some things that set us apart from the crowd:
    • Canadian Servers in Canadian datacenters. We’ve designed our services specifically for Canadians and Canadian businesses. With servers hosted in Canada (both on the East Coast and West Coast), we’re closer to your Canadian clients than other providers, resulting in faster speeds and connection times. We use exclusively Canadian IP addresses that can result in better rankings in Canadian search results with Google and other search engines. Hosting in Canada also affords you and your clients better legal protection from what many see as invasive privacy laws established by the USA patriot act, just south of the border.
    • Faster, high-performance storage with Solid State Drives (SSD). SSDs perform up to 6 times faster than mechanical drives offered by other web hosts. This allows your server to process its most speed-sensitive requests, such as database queries and temporary files, faster. In addition, SSD drives benefit from shorter seek (or lag) time, minimizing any latency during the initial data request.
    • Optimized Web Server & PHP Setup. We’ve tweaked every part of our server configuration so that your web sites can load faster, even under high load. This includes an optimized PHP configuration with multiple versions of PHP supported, highly optimized Apache/LiteSpeed web server, data compression, an optimized database setup, and over a dozen home-grown solutions to speed up every request your site handles. This generally translates into performance speedup of over 200%, without compromising any of the flexibility and security provided by more traditional setups.
    • Constant monitoring and rapid interventions. With a team of system administrators obsessed with performance and monitoring your servers every second of every day, as well as automated intervention scripts to detect and fix problems before they impact your web sites, problems are addressed in seconds, rather than minutes or hours, as is often the case with other providers.
    • 24/7 Bilingual, Expert Support. Service is a top priority and our staff is here to make sure you get the answers you need when you need them by live chat, phone, or our online helpdesk.
  • expand I already have a reseller account with a competitor. Can you help transfer my service to Web Hosting Canada?

    Absolutely! Our transfer team will help migrate all your accounts from your current provider while ensuring minimal or no downtime for your clients. This migration is offered free of charge if you are moving from another cPanel hosting provider, or for a low fixed fee if they are using a different hosting system. Please open a support ticket from your Client Area to request a hosting account transfer once you have activated your reseller account, or get in touch with one of our reseller specialists for more details.
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  • * Promotional price is for the first term only. Plans renew at regular rates.
  • 1. Unlimited as it applies to regular small business use, in accordance with our Acceptable Use Policy.
  • 2. The number of accounts you can create may be limited by your total available disk space. Each account also needs to abide by our Acceptable Use policy.
  • 3. Free Dedicated IP can be requested from your Client Area, with applicable reseller hosting plans.
  • 4. ClientExec billing platform and Domain name reseller accounts are only available with Reseller Pro or Enterprise packages