Weebly Websites Now Include Free SSL!

Weebly Websites Now Include Free SSL!

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In response to popular demand, Web Hosting Canada is proud to announce free SSL security on all Starter, Pro and Business Weebly site builder plans!

Why do you want an SSL certificate for your Weebly site?

SSL is a security measure that protects your visitors by encrypting information transmitted between your website and your visitors.

Its main functions are to:

  • Protect Visitors: When they buy something or send a message through your website, the information they send can’t be read if intercepted, preventing hackers from accessing sensitive information.
  • Promote Trust: SSL certificates display padlocks in the address bar, visually indicating your website is secure. Websites without SSL have begun displaying “Not Secure” in the address bar when using Chrome, the most popular web browser!
  • Improve rankings in Google: Search engines want to give people results that answer their needs securely. They will prioritize websites protected with SSL over similar websites without this protection.

Why is Weebly awesome?

If you haven’t already tried it, Weebly is a user-friendly site builder that helps anyone build a beautiful, unique website in no time! It features:

  • Superior Drag and Drop Interface: Grab the element you want and place it on your page. It’s just that easy.
  • Responsive Design: All Weebly templates are made to look just as good on a smart phone as they do on a desktop. This is essential for success in today’s online market.
  • Access to Source Code: Weebly allows you to manipulate the HTML and CSS code for your website, which provides a great deal more flexibility than other drag and drop programs. For instance, using the Embed code element a person can easily add an affiliate program banner to make their site profitable.
  • The Apps Center: On top of all the excellent designs and user-friendly interface, Weebly provides an App Center so you can do a great deal more with your site.

Enabling SSL is easy! Follow these simple steps.

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Marc is a SEO Copywriter, Research Analyst, Marketer and Boardgame Wizard at WHC. He focuses on everything from developing new online growth strategies, content creation, technical SEO, and outreach within the community.

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