Marketing trends to watch for in 2024

Marketing trends to watch for in 2024

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In an age where the web is evolving at lightning speed, 2024 promises to be the year when marketing reinvents itself through artificial intelligence, authenticity becomes an overriding concern, and taking care of one's community becomes a priority.

Here's what has the potential to move the marketing needle this year.

1. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence will continue to surprise us in 2024! Its emergence, dominated by tools like ChatGPT in particular, will continue to transform many industries. Obviously, AI gives a competitive advantage to companies and entrepreneurs who adopt it. However, its integration requires a high degree of adaptability in working methods and processes. AI will continue to be used, not only for content creation, but also for product development, automation and innovation.

2. Authentic, ethical influencer marketing

Influencers will still be gaining ground in 2024. Yet this time, in a digital landscape where consumers are looking for authenticity, nano and micro-influencers especially will gain in popularity. As public trust in influencers grows, we could see more collaborative forms of influencer marketing, particularly through events or other means of gathering. Nor can we overlook the rise of User-Generated Content (UGC), which turns consumers into excellent brand ambassadors.

3. A people-first approach

Let's not forget that we're coming out of a pandemic! People are longing for real human connection. In this context, the human side of marketing becomes essential. Not only should interest in and exchange between individuals be at the forefront of any marketing strategy, but the emphasis should also be on face-to-face encounters, through networking activities, for example. Thus, building on pre-existing connections and community on social networks will become crucial. It will make more sense to optimize your customers' experience and engage your existing subscribers, rather than try to gain mass visibility.

4. Ever-trendy SEO

Did you think search engine optimization (SEO) had run out of steam? Think again! SEO is still very much trending today. However, it will need that extra jump, requiring a more global vision, beyond simple keyword research. The idea is to make websites optimized to further enhance the user experience, not least by optimizing voice search (and accessibility in general), which is increasingly gaining ground. An active presence on social networks also helps improve SEO.

5. Mobile marketing

Adapting content for mobile devices isn't an option anymore - it's become crucial. According to Similarweb (2023), 64.97% of web traffic originated on mobile devices, compared with 32.86% on desktops and 2.16% on tablets. Strategies based on usage, timing and targeted activities on mobile devices will be essential for reaching the right audience.

6. The metaverse

The intimidating and perhaps frightening metaverse will play an even bigger role in 2024. Augmented reality and the use of interactive content are already enhancing customer experience. Several American companies have moved in this direction, and this initiative is likely to bear fruit.

7. Content marketing

In terms of content marketing, video formats will continue to dominate. Podcasts and webinars are also increasingly present in the digital landscape. If you want to increase the reach of your publications, long-form content will be the preferred choice in 2024. Ephemeral content, on the other hand, will need to be thought through in such a way that it can be reused or adapted over time. This will greatly help content creators not run out of steam.

8. Marketing automation

Marketing automation is set to play a crucial role in 2024. The process optimizes many campaigns and tasks, reducing manual effort. This in turn allows companies to focus on what really matters: customer service or core business. Companies will be well advised to turn to automation, which personalizes messages, increases customer engagement with the brand, and potentially improves conversion rates. It also enables data collection that can later be used to improve overall customer experience.

9. Sustainability

In 2024, eco-friendly marketing will emerge as an unavoidable trend. As customers are increasingly sensitive to environmental issues, they will turn to brands committed to sustainable practices. How can you integrate sustainability into your marketing strategy? By creating sustainable products, eco-friendly packaging or awareness-raising campaigns. Even online, it's possible to offer sustainable products and services – which, by the way, is what we do at WHC through our green hosting.

Of course, sustainability cannot simply be a marketing angle. It has to be part of a company's core values. Remember: authenticity comes first!

10. Is social networking still a trend?

Yes, it will still be relevant, but don't put all your eggs in that basket. TikTok will still dominate in 2024, especially when it comes to gaining visibility. We’re a long way from the TikTok dances! LinkedIn, for its part, continues its transformation into a dynamic space, by accentuating its user-friendliness – a far cry from the corporate beige we once knew. Its community is becoming increasingly receptive to more personal content. The demand for authenticity can be seen in all nooks and corners of the web! Of course, effective community management will be essential to improving customer relations, whatever the platform.

Which trends will you follow?

Obviously, these are forecasts. Nothing is set in stone. The web evolves at lightning speed, and a new trend is always just around the corner!

However, by taking note of these trends, you may well succeed not only in achieving your objectives, but also in improving relations with your customers. That's what matters most in the end. And remember: authenticity is the most important thing in 2024, even behind the screen.

Of course, implementing these emerging trends will require a certain level of agility. Don't try to do it all at once. Test and adjust. That's how you'll understand what works best for your brand.

About the author: Cynthia Whissell

Cynthia is a writer, social networker, author of novels and a long-time client of WHC. Lover of everything words and digital communications, Cynthia has a broad range of experience in various fields. In her spare time, she enjoys playing Mario Kart and singing karaoke.

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