New wave of phishing emails

New wave of phishing emails

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WHC customers, beware! Once again, some of our clients are receiving phishing emails (emails that look as if they’re coming from a legit company but are actually scams).

Renewals for services will always come from WHC directly. When in doubt, we recommend logging into your Client Area directly from our website to review and pay invoices.

How are they scamming?

Clients are receiving official-looking emails asking them to sign in to their account to renew their suspended (or soon-to-be-suspended) domain. However, the email contains a link to a fake OVHcloud login page where customers will be giving away their login information to scammers/criminals when they attempt to sign in.

What to look for

WHC domains and services are NEVER managed by third-party providers, so receiving a payment request by a provider other than WHC.CA is likely fraud. 

Here’s how to spot these sneaky emails, so you can keep yourself and your accounts safe from scammers…

Scam email example

As you can see above, the email looks fairly official; however, you will notice a couple of glaring discrepancies:

  • The email is not coming from WHC but talking about a product you have at WHC
  • There is a strange mix of French and English within the email which is not typical
  • There is a spelling error with the email sign-off ‘Cordialy’

Another way to detect an email scam is by inspecting the sender’s email address to make sure it is coming from the company itself. If the email is coming from a scammer, you’ll see email addresses that are not official like ‘’ or ‘’ etc. Some are more obvious than others. If you’re unsure, you can also type these email addresses into Google to confirm if they’re correct or if they’re scam addresses.

Another way to check is by inspecting any links within the email before clicking on them. Make sure they are going to official sites, and not some weird URL.

How to stay safe

There are a couple of things you should know in order to safeguard yourself from these types of phishing emails…

  1. If your domains (or services) are with WHC, you will never receive emails from third-party companies for renewals
  2. The safest way to renew services is to log into your WHC Client Area directly through our website and view and pay invoices from there

What should I do if I receive a phishing email?

If you believe that you’ve received a phishing email, you should report the issue to Google or Microsoft directly. We also recommend that you contact our support team if you suspect a phishing email like the one shown above and we can confirm whether the link or email is legitimate and make sure no other customers are being negatively affected by a scam. 

And that's exactly what happened here. Thanks to all the WHC clients who reported this particular phishing attempt!

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