Important SSL Issue Update

Important SSL Issue Update

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At WHC, our commitment extends beyond providing a secure and reliable platform for your online presence; we are equally dedicated to maintaining transparency with our clients. 

Recently, we've identified an intermittent issue affecting some of our free SSL certificates at renewal time. This issue started in December, and while it's not a widespread issue, we want you to know that we've got a handle on it and a solution in place.

WHC’s Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud Servers and Dedicated Servers already include a free basic SSL certificate that are delivered via cPanel’s AutoSSL technology.

Who’s affected?

Let’s start with who’s NOT affected. If you're using a Premium SSL Certificate with WHC, your certificate is not affected by this issue. 

If you’re using a Free SSL Certificate provided through AutoSSL in cPanel, this update is pertinent to your service. This includes the SSL included with Web Hosting, Reseller, Cloud and Dedicated Servers as a standard security feature.

What’s the issue?

As we neared the end of 2023, our team started to observe some inconsistencies in the renewal of our free SSL certificates. The root cause of this issue can potentially affect your website's security and functionality. Here are the most common signs you might see on your website:

  • Website is not displaying the 'https' in its address
  • Problems in processing payments if your site is e-commerce
  • In rare cases, it might lead to your website becoming temporarily inaccessible

But here's the good news: we have a solution, and you won't need to do anything, except inform us if you notice any issues on your website.

What’s the solution?

Through constant monitoring and in light of the feedback we received from clients, our team addressed the situation with an approach focused on immediate and long-term solutions to ensure the ongoing security of your website. Here’s what we’re doing:

  • New SSL Provider: We’re switching from Sectigo to Let's Encrypt for our free SSL service. As a result, there might be a different provider name on your certificate, but rest assured, this is part of our plan to improve your service.
  • Proactive Fixes: As of now, as your SSL certificate approaches renewal, our team will ensure any issues are identified and rectified before they even impact your site. This transition to Let's Encrypt is a key part of this proactive strategy.

We truly value the collaborative relationship we have with our clients. The input you shared in recent weeks has been instrumental in guiding our efforts. In parallel with these solutions, if you still notice any anomalies related to SSL on your website, please contact our support team, available 24/7. 

Last words

In line with the improvements and certifications we highlighted in our 2023 Year in Review, WHC remains dedicated to keeping your website secure and accessible. We're committed to keeping you informed and swiftly addressing any issues that may arise. If you encounter any SSL-related problems or any other issues, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here for you.

Stay safe and connected online!

About the author: Marie-Eve Petit

Marie-Eve is WHC’s Marketing Manager and a true word nerd. She loves keeping busy creating content, writing blogs or conversion copy. She also spends way too much time on Twitter and enjoys meditating with a Spritz in hand.

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