Improve your online presence with AI

Improve your online presence with AI

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Artificial intelligence is not just another fad. It's a powerful tool that can greatly contribute to the growth of your business. In what ways? In terms of online presence, for starters.

Getting AI to work for your business

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic in the tech world. It has also raised numerous environmental and ethical debates.

It is, however, increasingly present within all sorts of organizations. While many companies are reluctant to use AI as part of their business, there are many benefits to implementing it as part of a digital strategy.

When you think of ChatGPT, you may immediately reflect on its ability to create and edit text. All amazing writing capabilities aside, though, AI can help in many other areas. Let's take a closer look.

Tracking and analyzing trends

Did you know AI can monitor trends on the web, social networks, blog posts, and all this, in real-time?

By analyzing all this information, artificial intelligence can help you identify patterns and predict future events or trends based on past trends. This can help you make quicker, better-informed marketing decisions.

Google Cloud and its generative AI allow organizations to be on the lookout for trends and synthesize the information they are provided with in order to facilitate decision-making.

Enhancing customer service

Customer experience has become a crucial issue for companies, and artificial intelligence is one solution for meeting the needs of your online clients.

You've probably recently visited a site where a chat window opens and asks “how can we help you?”

This is what we call a chatbot.

Some chatbots are powered by AI and give businesses the ability to respond to customers 24/7. Indeed, chatbots are designed to respond to frequently asked questions; customers can then get answers at the click of a button, instead of waiting for a return call or spending hours online searching for a solution. HubSpot Chatbot Builder and Landbot are chatbot platforms that can help you automate various aspects of your customer service.

This is just one way of enhancing customer experience, but it may be worth considering implementing in your company.

Creating and optimizing content

Running out of inspiration? Is your creativity flagging? Once again, artificial intelligence could lend a helping hand. In fact, it offers innovative and efficient options for day-to-day content creation, thanks to a variety of creative tools.


  • Generating ideas: Not sure what to write about in your next blog post? Check in with ChatGPT for some inspiration!
  • Writing texts: AI can automatically generate texts, captions, articles or summaries.
  • Creating visuals: It's now possible to generate customized images using tools such as Canva AI or Adobe Express.

Here's an image generated by Canva AI. We asked the tool to create "a woman sitting in front of a computer, doing social networking, in a minimalist and bright decor."

AI Generated Image Example
Credit: Canva AI

Of course, the image isn't perfect (it’s got some pretty noticeable flaws), but let's face it: the result is pretty impressive!

Automating processes

Artificial intelligence offers tremendous opportunities for automating and optimizing certain business processes.

First of all, it can be used to automate boring, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks. This frees up employees to concentrate on activities that are cost-effective and add real value.

For example, AI can be implemented to manage email classification, track inventory or handle data collection. This not only increases productivity but also reduces errors and costs. The retail sector, notably, is making increasing use of AI.

The use of AI in process automation makes a company more efficient, profitable and competitive.

Predicting behavior

Have you ever wondered why you keep seeing car ads on Facebook after shopping for a windshield repair shop?

This is all made possible thanks to artificial intelligence. Indeed, based on past searches or interactions with a given company, certain data can be used to predict a user's future behavior. These computations are used especially by social networking platforms, for targeting audiences during advertising campaigns.

Using AI in a manufacturing or retail context will typically generate many recommendations. Amazon, for example, will suggest products similar to what you've already bought.

Improving search engine optimization

Do you create your website content and write your own blog posts? Would you like to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) so that your site and posts appear easily in search engines? AI can help!

Thanks to keyword analysis, you can easily lay the foundations of your text. You'll know which keywords are most relevant to your text at any given moment.

Moreover, several tools – SurferSEO or SEMrush for example – can be used to optimize articles such as title tags, metadata and images.

All in all, it is possible to analyze and optimize most content thanks to the recommendations submitted by artificial intelligence. And you will save time. 

Using artificial intelligence, intelligently

As you can see, there are many benefits to be had from AI. It’s got great potential for improving customer service and a company's online presence, as well as increasing sales and productivity. On top of it all, its creative aspect cannot be overlooked either: by generating various types of content, artificial intelligence can save lots of time.

By embracing artificial intelligence, companies can significantly accelerate their growth in an ever-changing digital and technological environment.

Of course, we mustn't forget to use AI safely, ethically, and transparently. As a reader and consumer of content on the web, you’ll need to be cautious and always reflect on what's at stake with AI. Don't hesitate to cross-check any information you find, to avoid misinformation. You should also be cautious about giving out personal information on any application or site.

About the author: Cynthia Whissell

Cynthia is a writer, social networker, author of novels and a long-time client of WHC. Lover of everything words and digital communications, Cynthia has a broad range of experience in various fields. In her spare time, she enjoys playing Mario Kart and singing karaoke.

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