Introducing cPanel 110

Introducing cPanel 110

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The latest version of cPanel, version 110, is now available at WHC! cPanel, renowned as the foremost hosting control panel on the web, is at your disposal for managing many of your services. 

At WHC, we’re committed to bringing you all the latest and greatest product and platform enhancements as soon as they become available (and stable) enough for production use. That being said, let’s take a brief look at the changes that come with version 110.

What’s new in 110? 

The most recent upgrade comes bundled with various enhancements in functionality, performance upgrades, and a few noteworthy depreciations.

Functionality improvements

Roundcube updates

The Roundcube webmail client has been updated to 1.6, which brings improved performance and a new email purging feature. You can now create a task to automatically clear your email trash whenever you log out of your account. This can be set to delete items older than 30, 60, or 90 days. 

Performance upgrades

Upgraded cPanel PHP to 8.1

cPanel gets a performance boost across the board, with the internal PHP having been upgraded from PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.1. This new version is fully supported and provides vastly superior performance and enhanced security.

Note: This PHP update is used by cPanel itself, not to be confused with the PHP version of your hosted website/s, which may differ. 

Administrator changes

Server Administrators now have access to the following new changes and enhancements:

  • PowerDNS update: PowerDNS, the popular open-source DNS server software included with cPanel, has been upgraded to version 4.7.2. 
  • API token access to IPv6 addresses: Support has now been added for IPv6 in WHM’s Manage API Tokens interface. This means you can now grant device access to API tokens for both IPv4 & IPv6 addresses.
  • Behind-the-scenes changes: Work is underway at cPanel to advance on a proposed multi-user / team capability functionality. This promises to allow for the creation of new users to access cPanel accounts. Note: This feature is disabled at present, as it’s in the early experimental stages. 

Want to learn more? Check out the official release notes to take a deep dive into these changes in more detail.

Note: If you’re using a Cloud or Dedicated Server plan, you may already be on cPanel version 112, see the latest release notes to learn more. 

Deprecated and removed items

Minor changes to tweak settings

If you use WHM, the Allow insecure contact email update setting in the Tweak Settings interface (Home > Server Configuration > Tweak Settings) has been removed.

cPanel Hosting at WHC

At WHC, we offer cPanel hosting for all of our Web, Cloud, and Dedicated hosting services. As official cPanel partners, we’re experts in both the operational and technical facets of cPanel and WHM. Our support team consists of cPanel-certified professionals who are fully equipped to manage any potential issues. 

The latest release of cPanel, version 110, is a substantial upgrade that introduces several new and improved features to the widely-used web hosting control panel. As always, we’re committed to bringing you the latest and greatest platform enhancements as soon as they become available & ready for production use. If you have any questions or concerns about how this upgrade may impact you, feel free to reach out to our support team.

About the author: Tim Robards

Tim is WHC's Technical Writer & Integrator. When he's not writing user guides or filming tutorials, you’ll likely find him building websites or enjoying the great outdoors.

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