Meet Frank: Chief Domain Nerd at WHC

Meet Frank: Chief Domain Nerd at WHC

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Imagine someone whose passion for domains is so deep… it's etched in their resume, in their DNA and even on their car license plate. Meet Frank Michlick!

As Product Manager for domains, Frank oversees our fast-growing Domain Division at WHC. Under his watch, we’re now Canada's top domain auctions platform for .CA and have more than 160,000 domains under management. Not to mention Frank’s Tik Tok famous. And now Frank got his eyes set on a higher mission—he's running for a seat in the upcoming board elections at CIRA this Fall. 

So, let’s get to know the man, the myth, the domain savant…. Frank Michlick in 9 questions!

Q&A with Frank, Chief Domain Nerd

Q: How did you become WHC's Product Manager for Domains?

A: I had bumped into Emil, our CEO, at some industry events, including a local CIRA gathering in Montreal. We clicked over—you guessed it—domains. When I saw on LinkedIn that WHC was looking for a Domain Product Manager, I applied, and the rest is history.

Q: What's the most rewarding aspect of your role?

A: The camaraderie with my colleagues at WHC is great! Plus, I appreciate the opportunities and challenges that come with being part of the leadership team. After more than 20 years in the domain industry, it's a privilege to work alongside so many people I consider friends.

Q: Why should Canadians choose .CA for their domain?

A: A .CA domain is more than just an address; it's a statement. It clearly shows that you're a Canadian business, which appeals to both local and international audiences. It’s our place on the internet and we should be proud. 

Q: Any quick tips for those shopping for a new domain?

A: First, make sure it passes the "radio test”: Say the name to 5 friends, have them write down what they understood. If they understand and spell it correctly on the first attempt, that’s usually a good domain name. Oh and make sure you to register your domain at WHC—not only are we local, but our revamped suggestion engine will guide you and help find the perfect domain for you.

Q: Which emerging technologies could impact the domain industry?

A: Obviously, AI is a major game-changer, not just for domains but across various sectors. Another topic I follow is web3 and their domain-related developments, especially as new Top Level Domains become available in the future.

Q: What hobbies or interests do you have outside of the digital world?

A: First and foremost, family! I also love nature, and photography and I’m passionate about environmental causes. Of course, a lot of my personal interests are related to tech. For example, my love for the 40-year-old Commodore 64 computer and the people who still work with it. I probably would not be doing what I do today if it wasn’t for this vintage machine. 

Q: Any book or film that really influenced you?

A: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. A classic comedy—and the answer is 42. Those who know, know.

Q: Why are you running for a CIRA board seat?

A: CIRA is an important institution in Canada. Its main role is to run the registry for .CA. The board could use more direct industry knowledge and I'd be honored to contribute and help shape the future of Canada’s internet. 

Q: What unique qualities do you offer as a potential CIRA board member?

A: I bring over 20 years of experience working with registrars, registries and domain investors. I registered my first domain in 1995 and always had a strong connection with the industry since then. 

Frank for CIRA

Having the privilege of collaborating with Frank on a daily basis (and engage in countless tech discussions), I can attest to the importance of his expertise and vision for the future of the Canadian internet landscape. A CIRA board seat for Frank would allow us all to benefit from a more inclusive and effective approach to governing the web in Canada.

Vote for Frank

How to vote in the board elections

If you own a .CA domain, congrats—you're eligible to become a CIRA member. It’s that simple. However, this current election cycle won't be open to new members. Still, there's value in joining now for future influence

If you’re a member, the voting process is straightforward, and the timeline for voting in the election is from September 27 to October 4. CIRA members will receive an email on September 27 inviting them to vote. Meanwhile, you can visit the forum. Results will be announced October, 9. So, take a moment to be part of shaping the future of the Canadian internet—vote for Frank!


I hope this article gave you a little insight into who Frank is and helped put a human face on the team behind WHC.

I'd like to thank Frank personally. He plays a crucial role in the marketing team with his patience for our bottomless questions about domains and other areas of the web. Thank you for being the awesome human you are. Cheers to many more years of collaborating together! (And vote Frank!)

About the author: Marie-Eve Petit

Marie-Eve is WHC’s Marketing Manager and a true word nerd. She loves keeping busy creating content, writing blogs or conversion copy. She also spends way too much time on Twitter and enjoys meditating with a Spritz in hand.

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