WordPress' Last Upgrade Till 2018: An Early Holiday Gift!

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By Marc Pilon November 21, 2017 21 novembre 2017

WordPress has just made it easier to plan out your website strategy for 2018! Upgrade 4.9, known as Tipton, multitasks media, coordinates coding and more!

Media Moves

Creating with the text box widget meant relying on words alone. Now, Add Media at the click of a button! Images, audio and even video will complement the text and elevate your design ideas.


  • Add a gallery to any widget areas like sidebars and footers

Theme Therapy

Changing the theme your website used to be stressful. Who knows what would happen when you clicked Activate!  The new Live Preview button allows you to take a test drive. 


  • Send the preview to a friend or colleague to get a second opinion
  • Schedule a time in the future for the theme change to take place automatically

Coding Comfort

Working with code in WordPress was hard on the eyes and nerves, as it was all in a plain text box.  Syntax highlighting helps you scan and organize code just like a proper code editor!


  • Find errors easily with syntax error messages 
  • Create code faster with code suggestion and auto completion
  • Remind inexperienced user against code manipulation with a kind but firm warning message

WordPress Upgrade Q & A

If you are using Wordpress hosting with Web Hosting Canada, these tips may help.

What version of Wordpress am I using?

  1. Sign in to your site 
  2. Go to dashboard
  3. Scroll to the very bottom, the version will be in the lower right corner

How do I upgrade to 4.9?

  1. Sign in to your Wordpress dashboard
  2. Click on the Update tab (below Dashboard tab)
  3. Press the Update button 

About the author: Marc Pilon

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