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What is .DEV?

Could be a team or could be an individual, but when it comes to .DEV you can be sure that there is skill involved. .DEV refers to the developers of any kind. If you’re looking for innovation, you’ve found it.

Why choose a .DEV domain?

The future is all about creating new and better software, and now there is a domain extension for that. Benefits:
  • Tells visitors that this website is all about skilled creators
  • Has a higher availability than .COM, so you can find the name you want
  • Helps create brand awareness

Who can register a .DEV domain?

There are no restrictions on who can purchase a .DEV domain. However for a .DEV website to resolve the site must have an Https protocol

Who should register a .DEV domain?

  • Developers
  • Software or hardware engineers
  • Marketers of newly developed products

.DEV Domain Pricing

Term Register Transfer Renew
1 year C$ 16.99
$ 19.99
C$ 16.99
$ 19.99
2 years C$36.98 C$ 39.98
3 years C$56.97 C$59.97
5 years C$96.95 C$99.95

.DEV Domain Features

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