Domain Privacy Protection

Domain Privacy Protection

Lock away your private information.

C$9.99/yr per domain
  • Protects you from identify theft
  • Shields you from spam & telemarketers
  • Deters domain hacking
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Domain Privacy Protection FAQ

  • What is the WHOIS?

    Whenever you register a domain, your name, email, phone number and complete address is recorded in the public WHOIS database. The WHOIS was created to ensure online transparency; however, in recent years it been used or harvested by spammers, hackers and identity thieves.

    Though there are some exceptions, such as .CA domains, if you have not specifically enabled domain privacy protection then your information is on the WHOIS for everyone to see through easily accessible online tools.
  • Privacy protection for .CA domains

  • What is private registration? What is ID protection?

  • How important is domain privacy protection?

  • Are there domains that cannot activate privacy protection?

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