Show the World your Website is Eco-Friendly with a Green Badge

Show the World your Website is Eco-Friendly with a Green Badge

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With more than 400 million active websites worldwide, data centers already generate more carbon emissions than the entire airline industry. Not to mention this footprint could grow to more than one-fifth of total global energy use by 2030, according to some estimates. Fortunately, if you host a website on WHC’s Green Web Hosting platform, your websites are powered by 100% renewable energy and are helping reduce your organization’s overall carbon footprint.

Now you can proudly get the word out with your very own Green Hosting Badge.

What’s a Green Hosting Badge?

Web Hosting Canada’s Green Hosting Badge is a visual site seal that you can display on your own website to show your visitors that it’s powered by renewable energy. It’s free to use and available in multiple formats and styles for any website that’s actively using WHC’s Green Web Hosting platform.

Green Hosting Badges

When visitors click on the badge, they’ll see additional information that helps them understand how your website is making a difference.

Green Hosting Badge informations

The badge looks great in a website’s navigation bar, footer, sidebar, or header.

Why should I add a Green Hosting Badge to my Website?

  1. Differentiate yourself from the competition

    The average visitor spends about 10 to 20 seconds on a web page, leaving little time to make a lasting impression. Our green badges quickly and visually presents your business as ecologically responsible, often setting you apart from your competitors by adding heart and soul to your business proposition.

  2. Being Green is Smart Business

    Canadians (and Earth inhabitants in general!) care about the environment and can adapt their spending habits based on a vendor’s environmental impact. As such, showing your green side can help increase trust, sales, as well as secure return business.

  3. Help Increase Awareness for Greener Business Practices

    Unfortunately, website visitors may not be aware of the real environmental impact a virtual web presence can have on our planet. By adding the badge to your site you help get the word out. The badge also describes how your website is green, and how they can make a difference too.

How do I get the Green Hosting Badge?

If you have a website hosted on WHC’s green hosting platform, then you’ll be able to find the badges within your Green Badges section of your WHC Client Area.

If you’re using the old version of the Client Area, use this link instead.

Simply choose the badge you’d like to use and copy its HTML code into your site, at the location where you’d like you badge shown. Need some help doing so?

You can find the instructions on how to add your green hosting badge here, or you can simply reach out to our friendly customer service team and we’ll gladly help you out!

Happy Hosting,
WHC Team

About the author: Marc Pilon

Marc is a SEO Copywriter, Research Analyst, Marketer and Boardgame Wizard at WHC. He focuses on everything from developing new online growth strategies, content creation, technical SEO, and outreach within the community.

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