WHC Affiliates: Refer a friend and earn up to $300!

WHC Affiliates: Refer a friend and earn up to $300!

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If you own a website, a blog or send out emails, then you could be making money right now with the Web Hosting Canada affiliate program.

What is affiliate marketing?

The idea is simple: once enrolled as an affiliate, you place a special tracking link to WHC on your website, blog or emails. When visitors follow the link and make a purchase, you earn a commission.

With different banners, finding one that works with your specific layout and style is easy. And the best part? Setting up the affiliate program takes only a couple of minutes, helping you turn your online project into a passive revenue machine!

How much can I earn with the WHC affiliate program?

Our top earners generate over $10,000 a month. Individual commissions can range from 20$ to 300$ depending on the referred product. Even if you average about one sale a week you can earn over $5,000 per year.

Considering we all know a few people who could use a website, professional email, better online security or reliable web hosting, you could be connecting friends and colleagues with a quality service while generating revenue. Have a look at our commission structure to understand all the possible avenues for revenue.

How easy is it to set up the affiliate program?

Very easy!

  1. If you're not already a client, register your account (it's free)
  2. Log in to your WHC Client Area, and activate your Affiliate status
  3. Your unique referral link is now listed. Use it, or click on the Banners tab for image ad banners

    Banners tab

  4. Choose the banner you want to use and copy the html code
  5. Sign into your website so you can manipulate it
  6. Find the page(s) you wish to advertise on and decide where the banners should go
  7. Insert the affiliate banner code into the appropriate location on your website
  8. Watch the results come in!

Depending on the content management system your website runs on (WordPress, Weebly etc.) there will be different ways to add the code. If you are not familiar with how to manipulate your website, talk to your webmaster. They should be able to add a banner within minutes.

Now, whenever a person clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you'll earn commissions!

How can I maximize my earnings with the affiliate program?

There are many ways to make the most of your affiliate potential.

Every affiliate has a main referral link clearly shown in the affiliate section of your WHC client area. This link is your magic key as it tracks your affiliate account.

Add a link in your blog: You can incorporate the link into text so that a person can click on a word to visit our website. Writing an authentic testimonial about your hosting experience with WHC on your website and sharing it with your affiliate audience generates solid leads.

Newsletters and emails: A banner, a text link or an image link can also go in any newsletter or email.
One excellent option is adding something like, “Check out my favorite web hosting company” or “looking for hosting deals?” as a link underneath your email signature, making every email you send out a possible source for revenue. However, if you perform an email marketing campaign, please ensure that it follows Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislations (CASL).

Create a review: have you had a positive experience with Web Hosting Canada? You could create a review that tells the story on your website, blog, or even as a video on YouTube! Many people will search for “whc review” or similar terms before making a purchase, and if they find your content helpful they may use your affiliate link!

Post on social media: if you use Facebook or Twitter, you can share your affiliate link with friends and followers there (and on some other social platforms). Just make sure that you’re clear about disclosing your potential to earn a commission!

How can I track my progress in the WHC affiliate program?

When you go into your WHC affiliate account you will automatically see the number of clicks, signups and conversion rate.

Clicks= how many people clicked on the link

Signups= how many people bought something after clicking the link

the percentage of how many clicks turned into sales. The higher the better!


To see that the affiliate program is working properly all you have to do is go to your website and click the link yourself. After you follow the link, go back to the WHC Affiliate console and you should see it reflected in ‘clicks’.

Want more detailed information? Go to the referrals tab for details on date of purchase, product, cost and commission.

How do I receive my commission?

To receive your commission, you simply need to click on the request withdrawal button under the earnings tab once you have reached the minimum amount: C$120. Affiliates may choose to have the withdrawal done through PayPal or by check.

Earn Recurring Revenue with Reseller Hosting

Are you tech-savvy and looking to make more money? Consider our reseller hosting program.

Reseller hosting allows you to take control of the sales process by selling web hosting services as your own. While affiliate referrals generate one-time commissions, with reseller hosting you set the plan pricing and keep all profits, thus generating recurring revenue so long as the client stays with you.

Canadians Helping Canadians, Helping Canadians = a win for Canada

Web Hosting Canada is proudly Canadian and proud of the reliable and competitively priced services we offer. It feels even better to know that our affiliate program can result in a triple ‘win’ for Canada. When a sale is made through our affiliate program, you earn revenue from the referral (win #1); your referral gets a great hook-up with a high-value service provider to promote their Canadian presence online (win #2); and the entire transaction stays within Canada, helping bolster the local economy (win #3)!

Improving your earning potential with minimal effort while promoting Canada? Sounds pretty good!

Happy Hosting,
The Team at WHC.

About the author: Marc Pilon

Marc is the SEO Copywriter, Research Analyst, Marketer and Boardgame Wizard at WHC. He focuses on everything from developing new online growth strategies, content creation, technical SEO, and outreach within the community.

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